Jelani Jewelry

All pieces are 100% handmade by the creator himself Jelani, from inspiration and thought. These custom made pieces are made out of Semi Precious Stone, Diamonds and Beads.  


Beautiful Things

All products and photography in this website is provided by JelaniJewelry. 

Style & Quality

Jelani was inspired to create his own business by his god mom, Joyce Lee Jones; Owner and founder of Jone’s Barbeque located in Seattle, Washington. Joyce always hoped Jelani would open his own business for she saw the potential in him due to his motivation, drive, and the amount of people he knew. Unfortunately in 2011 Joyce was diagnosed with skin cancer and on August 1st 2012 she lost her battle. 

Joyce Lee Jones I love you words cannot explain how much you mean to me and so many people in this world. Thank you for mentoring my little brother into engineering. He has his masters Degree in engineering and he works as an engineer.

Jelani’s jewerely is incredible. Nice and durable.
— Nate Jackson Comedian

Jelani Hauser is the president and CEO of JelaniJewelry. He is a former professional basketball player in the European Basketball League. Inspired by his drive for creativity and fashion, Jelani began creating custom pieces jewelry in spring of 2012. 


In honor of Joyce Jones (God Mother), a local business owner, teacher and politcal activist, Jelani designed  a bracelet inspired by her bout with cancer to raise awareness around skin cancer. 

This initial piece (Joyce Lee bracelet) was the first in his collection, eventually growing in popularity throughout the Northwest. Since then, JelaniJewelry has grown and expanded beyond the Northwest with clients ranging from international hip hop artists, entertainers to professional athletes. 


“That’s My Jeweler. Jelani Jewelry That’s My Jeweler”. Kurupt, is an American rapper, actor and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records. He is a member of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound, and The DiiRTY OGz
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